Assignment 3: Ways of Knowing: Myth

1. Read Cunningham, chapter 4: "The Language of the Sacred"; "Sun Mother Wakes the World" in the World Religions Reader; and Genesis, chapters 1-2 (on the class website I have posted the link to an online Bible if you do not have one).

2. Summarize the important points made by Cunningham. How does myth constitute a "way of knowing"? According to Cunningham, what kind of knowledge does myth impart?

3. With your study partner, compare the two creation myths. In what ways are these myths "vehicles for disclosure"? What do they disclose? How does each explain the relationship between the divine and human realms? Do Cunningham's theories help you understand them better? Why or why not (be specific)?

4. Write up the results of your summary and discussion in a 1-2 page typed paper.