"Germans who take part in the wholesale shooting of Italian officers or in the execution of French, Dutch, Belgian or Norwegian hostages or of Cretan peasants, or who have shared in the slaughters inflicted on the people of Poland or in the territories of the Soviet Union . . . will be brought back to the scene of their crimes and judged on the spot by the people whom they have outraged. " -- Moscow Declaration, signed by Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt

"No one, in 1933, hearing the vitriolic denunciations of the Poles, could escape the meaning of the Nazi doctrine of racial hatred.. In the days when Hitler came to power, few Nazi insults more potent than to call a man a 'Pole' . . . And today, under the Gestapo heel, an entire race is being systematically decimated . . . Millions -- literally -- of Polish men and women have paid in final anguish for the disbelief of the world." --
Christian Science Monitor, 1943

"It was almost improper to mention the word 'Jew' at Bermuda." --
Alexander Uhl, reporter for PM

"The murder of Jews was automatic, yes, but it was not only they who were tortured. Germans who opposed the Nazis, slaves from every nation in Europe, children and women, as well as men -- all came, were beaten until they could go on no longer -- then died of wounds, or starvation and their bodies were carted to crematories." -- Miami Herald

"The purpose was not only to suppress opposition but also to slaughter conquered peoples so as to weaken their military potential." --St. Louis Post Dispatch