List of Seminar Student Leader Discussions

Week3: Sept. 7-12: Nazi Rise to Power: Casey Beane and Sewell Robinson

Week 4: Sept. 14-19: Accommodation, Emigration, Escape: Julia Dopp and Henry Asher

Week 5: Sept. 20-26: Ideologies of Race: Eliza Logan and Giorgia Rosenbluth

Week 6: Sept. 28 - Oct. 3: Outbreak of War: Hans Meister and Lucas Ropek

Week 7: Oct. 5-9: Ghettoes: Leah Sack and Lucia Knell

Week 8: Oct. 12-17: Camps: Cole Dachenhaus and Dan Toulson

Week 9: Oct. 19-24: Bystanders: Hannah Kingsley-Ma and Jake Lorber

Week 10: Oct. 26-31: Perpetrators: Profs. Suydam and Fenigstein

Week 11: Nov. 2-7: Jewish Resistances: Luke Bissinger and Mike Danziger

Week 12: Nov. 9-14: Rescuers: Jen Brown and Hannah Hathaway