Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust

Song of the Jewish Partisans

Lyrics by Hersh Glik (1922-1944)

Raul Hilberg, Destruction of the European Jews (1961): Jews aided in their own destruction

Yehuda Bauer, The Jewish Emergence From Powerlessness (1979): Jews struggled for survival everywhere

kiddush haShem: Sanctification of G-d's name (martyrdom)

kiddush hachaim: Sanctification of life (survival)


Resistance Actions

Partisan movements of other groups: A comparison

A. Jewish Partisan movements: the example of the Parczew forest north of Sobibor

1. Characteristics

2. The situation in the Parczew forest

B. Death camp uprisings: Sobibor

1. Thomas Toivi Blatt's memoirs

2. The revolt: October 14, 1943

C. Ghetto uprisings: Warsaw

1. Conflicting goals: rescue, escape, or sabotage?

2. Conflicting goals of the Judenrat (Adam Czerniakow): minimize losses

3. Reassessment: why no resistance from July to October?

4. Plans take shape

5. Surprise move against the ghetto: January 1943

6. The uprising: April 19, 1943

Warsaw Ghetto aftermath

Vilna Partisans, 1944