Unpublished Encyclical of Pius XII, excerpts

"Once persecution has been unleashed, millions are stripped bare on their native soil of a citzen's rights and privileges. They are denied legal protection against violence and theft, they are insulted and shamed . . . People who fought valiantly for their country are called traitors . . . merely by virtue of their parentage."

"Blind with dreams of temporal conquest and material success, the Jews, scattered abroad, evince an indestructible coherence for which no natural explanation can be found . . ."

"So long as the Jewish people persist in their unbelief and maintain their hostility to Christianity, the Church must exert itself by every means to avert the perils that this unbelief and hostility might create for the faith and mores of its flock. When, furthermore, the Church discovers that hatred of the Christian religion -- whether or not such hatred be of Jewish origin -- prompts wayward wretches to uphold and promote revolutionary movements bent on upsetting the social order and tearing souls away from the knowlege and love of God, its duty is to warn its children against these movements . . .