"Like a poker game . . . a none too trustful poker game particularly as between the three great democracies, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, in which each of the players refused to even contemplate raising the stakes." --New York Times

Even skilled refugees are not wanted in this country, where there was not only a surfeit of common laborers but "already as many doctors as can make a living, perhaps more." --San Francisco Chronicle

The conference "got nowhere with great dignity but at a high rate of speed." -- New York Herald Tribune

"When the conference adjourns and a permanent commission is established in London to aid in mass migration, what will the United States do? Will this country set an example and modify immigration laws carefully and wisely to permit the entry of a considerable number of these intelligent refugees? Or will we simply play politics, hide behind nationalism, and insist that South America is the proper home for these people? . . . The United States will be content with friendly gestures and kind words. That is why some of us . . . are also a bit ashamed of our country." -- Richmond (Virginia) News Leader