Perpetrators: People who were actively involved in the deportation, torture and extermination of Jews and others

Examples: Police squads, concentration camp guards, administrators like Eichmann ('Specialist for Jewish Affairs') who drew up lists and commands for others to enforce, firms who employed slave labor

Collaborators: People who aided perpetrators by informing on Jews' whereabouts, administrators in occupied countries who agreed to aid in the registration, concentration, and deportation of Jews and others, or those administrators who officated in activities vital to the extermination program

Examples: Police units in occupied countries, railway officials, the architects who designed gas chambers and crematoria, religious officials who provided evidence of baptismal certificates

Bystanders: People who were not actively involved in the extermination program but who watched it happen without any attempt at mitigation

Examples: Workers near the death camps, civilians who watched the roundups of Jews, army staff who witnessed einsatzgruppen actions without protest

Resisters: People who took some action to resist extermination policies

Examples: Work stoppages to protest deportations, resignation of offices in protest, anti-government activity, providing food or shelter to victims