"For 12 years since the Nazis seized power, Americans have heard charges of German brutality. Made skeptical by World War I 'atrocity propaganda', many people refused to put much faith in stories about the inhuman Nazi treatment of prisoners. Last week Americans could no longer doubt stories of Nazi cruelty. For the first time there was irrefutable evidence as the advancing Allied armies captured camps filled with political prisoners and slave laborers, living and dead." -- Chicago Herald American

"You had heard of such things in Nazi Germany. You had heard creditable witnesses describe just such scenes. But now that you were actually confronted with the horror of mass murder, you stared at the bodies and almost doubted your own eyes. 'Good God!' you said aloud, 'Good God!' Then you wlaked down around the corner of two barren, weatherbeaten, wooden barrack buildings. And there in a wooden shed, piled up like so much cordwood, were the naked bodies of more dead men than you cared to count. 'Good God!' you repeated. 'Good God!'" -- Lee McCardell, Baltimore Sun

"We know, logically, the stories of Nazi death camps, of wholesale slaughter of helpless captives are true . . . [but] we cannot realize in our hearts they actually happened." --
Atlanta Constitution

"I couldn't believe it even when I saw it. I couldn't believe I was looking at such things." -- Major Scotti, one of first American soldiers to enter Auschwitz