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Vernon James Schubel (B.A., Oklahoma State; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia), joined the faculty in 1988. In addition to Religion 101 he teaches a variety of courses on Islam, including Classical Islam, Islam in Central Asia, and Sufism; and Religions of South Asia. His primary research interest is Islam in Central and South Asia. He spent seven months as a Fulbright scholar in Multan, Pakistan, in 1989, where he conducted research on centers of Sufi pilgrimage, and in 1996 he spent seven months of research in Uzbekistan. His book, Religious Performance in Contemporary Islam, was published by the University of South Carolina Press in 1993.



  • RELN 101: Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • RELN 102: Introduction to the Study of Religion (First-Year Seminar)
  • RELN 240: Classical Islam
  • RELN 250: South Asian Religions
  • RELN 350: Modern Hinduism
  • RELN 390: Approaches to the Study of Religion
  • RELN 440: Seminar on Sufism
  • RELN 441: Islam in Central Asia
  • RELN 450: Religion and Performance in South Asia and Islam
  • RELN 490: Senior Seminar: Holy Persons