Confucianism, Asian Values, and Human Rights

  1. Asian Values & Modernization (1977)
  2. Human Rights and the World's Religions (1988)
  3. Human Rights and Chinese Values: Legal, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives (1995)
  4. Religious Diversity and Human Rights (1996)
  5. Confucian Traditions in East Asian Modernity: Moral Education and Economic Culture in Japan and the Four Mini-Dragons (1996)
  6. Confucianism and Human Rights (1998)
  7. Asian Values and Human Rights: A Confucian Communitarian Perspective (de Bary, 1998)
  8. Democracy in East Asia (1998)
  9. The East Asian Challenge For Human Rights (1999)
  10. Human Rights and Asian Values: Contesting National Identities and Cultural Representations in Asia (2000)
  11. Dealing with Human Rights: Asian and Western Views on the Value of Human Rights (2001)
  12. Debating Human Rights in China: A Conceptual and Political History (2002)
  13. Human Rights and Chinese Thought: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry (2002)
  14. Confucian Ethics: A Comparative Study of Self, Autonomy, and Community (2004)
  15. Beyond Liberal Democracy: Political Thinking for an East Asian Context (2006)
  16. Confucian Political Ethics (2007)

Asian Values & Modernization, ed. Seah Chee-Meow (Singapore University Press, 1977)
  • Asian values and modernization / W. M.. Ho
  • Asian values and modernization: a sociological perspective / P. S. J. Chen
  • Parents and children in a modernizing society / A. Wee
  • Chinese traditional values and modernization / T. Wu
  • The written script and impact of modernization: The romanization of Chinese / Y. Chang
  • The captive mind and creative development / H.. Syed Alatas
  • Asian values and modernization / S. Rajaratnam

Human Rights and the World's Religions, ed. Leroy S. Rouner (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1988)

  • The image of the human and the rights of the individual in Jewish tradition / Michael Fishbane
  • Christian concepts of the responsible self / Trutz Rendtorff
  • Political rights versus social rights / Mihailo Markovic
  • Fundamentalism and civil rights in contemporary Middle Eastern politics / Mansour Farhang
  • The rights of women in contemporary Islam / Nikki R. Keddie
  • The dilemmas of Islamic identity / Ann Elizabeth Mayer
  • Duties and rights in Hindu society / John B. Carman
  • Personal rights and contemporary Buddhism / Taitetsu Unno
  • Social and cultural rights in Buddhism / Robert A.F. Thurman
  • Why take rights seriously? A Confucian critique / Henry Rosemont, Jr.
  • Neo-Confucianism and human rights / W. Theodore de Bary
  • Rites as rights : the Confucian alternative / Roger T. Ames

Human Rights and Chinese Values: Legal, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives, ed. Michael C. Davis (Hong Kong and New York: Oxford University Press, 1995)

  • Chinese Perspectives on Human Rights / Michael C. Davis
  • Human Rights Today / Claude Lefort
  • Relating Human Rights to Chinese Culture: The Four Paths of the Confucian Analects and the Four Principles of a
  • New Theory of Benevolence / Du Gangjian, Song Gang
  • Are Rights Culture-Bound? / Margaret Ng
  • Human Rights and Non-Western Values / Eliza Lee
  • On Human Rights and Their Guarantee by Law / Yu Haocheng
  • Human Rights and the Political Development of Contemporary China, 1979-1994 / Zhu Feng
  • The Vienna Process and the Importance of Universal Standards in Asia / Christine Loh
  • Adopting International Standards of Human Rights in Hong Kong / Michael Davis
  • Why Hong Kong Should Have Equal Opportunities Legislation and a Human Rights Commission / Anna Wu Hungyuk
  • Appendix: The Bangkok Declaration

Religious Diversity and Human Rights, ed. Irene Bloom, J. Paul Martin and Wayne L. Proudfoot (NY: Columbia University Press, 1996)

  • Introduction / Irene Bloom
  • The Individual and the Community in the Normative Traditions of Judaism / Lenn E Goodman
  • Hindu Perspectives on the Individual and the Collectivity / Joseph W. Elder
  • Human Rights and Human Responsibilities: Buddhist Views on Individualism and Altruism / Robert A. F. Thurman
  • Confucian Perspectives on the Individual and the Collectivity / Irene Bloom
  • The Individual and the Collectivity in Christianity / John Langan
  • The Individual in Islamic Society / Richard W. Bulliet
  • Religion and Lockean Natural Rights / Richard Ashcraft
  • Christianity, Islam, and Religious Liberty / David Little, Abdulaziz Sachedina, John Kelsay
  • Hindu Nationalism and Human Rights / Mark Juergensmeyer
  • Catholicism and Human Rights in Latin America / Margaret E. Crahan
  • Russian Orthodoxy and Human Rights / Paul Valliere
  • Muslim Women Between Human Rights and Islamic Norms / Miriam Cooke, Bruce B. Lawrence

Confucian Traditions in East Asian Modernity: Moral Education and Economic Culture in Japan and the Four Mini-Dragons, ed. Tu Wei-ming (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1996)

  • Confucian Education in Premodern East Asia / Wm. Theodore de Bary
  • Reflections on Civil Society and Civility in the Chinese Intellectual Tradition / Edward Shils
  • Confucian Ideals and the Real World: A Critical Review of Contemporary Neo-ConfucianThought / Liu Shu-hsien
  • The West as Seen through Confucian Eyes in Nineteenth-Century Japan / Watanabe Hiroshi
  • Confucianism and the Japanese State, 1904-1945 / Samuel Hideo Yamashita
  • The Japanese (Confucian) Family: The Tradition from the Bottom Up / Robert J. Smith
  • Confucianism in Contemporary Korea / Koh Byong-ik
  • State Confucianism and Its Transformation: The Restructuring of the State-Society Relation in Taiwan / Ambrose Y.C. King
  • Civil Society in Taiwan: The Confucian Dimension / Thomas B. Gold
  • The Transformation of Confucianism in the Post-Confucian Era: The Emergence of Rationalistic Traditionalism in Hong Kong / Ambrose Y. C. King
  • Promoting Confucianism for Socioeconomic Development: The Singapore Experience / John Wong
  • Confucianism as Political Discourse in Singapore: The Case of an Incomplete Revitalization Movement / Eddie C. Y. Kuo
  • Overseas Chinese Capitalism / Gary G. Hamilton

Confucianism and Human Rights, ed. Wm. Theodore de Bary and Tu Weiming (New York: Columbia University Press, 1998)
  • A Constructive Framework for Discussing Confucianism and Human Rights / Summer B. Twiss
  • Human rights: A Bill of Worries / Henry Rosemont Jr.
  • Human rights: A Valid Chinese Concept? / Julia Ching
  • On the rites and rights of being human / D.W.Y. Kwok
  • Mencius and human rights / Irene Bloom
  • The Confucian theory of norms and human rights / Wejen Chang
  • Transforming Confucian virtues into human rights / Chung-ying Cheng
  • The yellow emperor tradition as compared to Confucianism / Yu Feng
  • Rites and rights in Ming China / Ron Guey Chu
  • Confucianism and due process / Alison W. Conner
  • The concept of people's rights (Minquan) in the late Qing / Joan Judge
  • Citizenship and human rights in early twentieth century Chinese thought / Peter Zarrow
  • Confucian harmony and freedom of thought / Randall Peerenhoom
  • Confucian influence on intellectuals in the Peoples' Republic of China / Merle Goldman
  • Confucianism contested : human rights and the Chinese tradition in contemporary Chinese political discourse / Jeremy T. Paltiel
  • Epilogue : human rights as a Confucian moral discourse / Tu Weiming
  • Epilogue : Confucianism, human rights, and 'cultural relativism' / Louis Henkin

Asian Values and Human Rights: A Confucian Communitarian Perspective, by Wm. Theodore de Bary (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998)

  • "Asian Values" and Confucianism
  • Individualism and Personhood
  • Laws and Rites
  • School and Community
  • The Community Compact
  • Chinese Constitutionalism and Civil Society
  • Women's Education and Women's Rights
  • Chinese Communism and Confucian Communitarianism

Democracy in East Asia, ed. Larry Diamond and Marc F. Plattner (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998)

  • Why Asia Needs Democracy: A View from Hong Kong / Margaret Ng
  • Asian Values and Human Rights: An Alternative View / Joseph Chan
  • Confucianism and Human Rights in China / Wm. Theodore de Bary
  • The Fall and Rise of Democracy in East Asia / Minxin Pei
  • Japan's Democratic Experience / Makoto Iokibe
  • Soft Authoritarianism in Malaysia and Singapore / Gordon P. Means
  • Korea's Crisis of Success / Byung-Kook Kim
  • Taiwan's Unique Challenges / Yun-han Chu
  • Beyond Transition in Thailand / Chai-Anan Samudavanija, Parichart Chotiya
  • China's Prospects for Change / Tatsumi Okabe
  • Vietnam's Tentative Transformation / Frederick Z. Brown
  • Indonesia: Suharto's Tightening Grip / R. William Liddle
  • A "Recipe" for Democratic Development / Gerald L. Curtis
  • The Illusion of "Asian Exceptionalism," / Francis Fukuyama
  • A Tale of Three Systems / Robert A. Scalapino

The East Asian Challenge for Human Rights, ed. Joanne R. Bauer, Daniel A. Bell (Cambridge University Press, 1999)
  • Introduction / Joanne R. Bauer, Daniel A.
  • Pt. I Critical Perspectives on the "Asian Values" Debate
    • Liberal Democracy and Asian Orientalism / Inoue Tatsuo
    • Human Rights and Asian Values: A Defense of "Western" Universalism / Jack Donnelly
    • Human Rights and Economic Achievements / Amartya
  • Pt. II Toward a More Inclusive Human Rights Regime
    • Toward an Intercivilizational Approach to Human Rights / Onuma Yasuaki
    • Conditions of an Unforced Consensus on Human Rights / Charles Taylor
  • Pt. III Culture and Human Rights
    • The Cultural Mediation of Human Rights: The Al-Arqam Case in Malaysia / Abdullahi A. An-Na'im
    • Grounding Human Rights Arguments in Non-Western Culture: Shari'a and the Citizenship Rights of Women in a Modern Islamic State / Norani Othman
    • Looking to Buddhism to Turn Back Prostitution in Thailand / Sewanna Satha-Anand
    • A Confucian Perspective on Human Rights for Contemporary China / Joseph Chan
  • Pt. IV Economic Development and Human Rights
    • Rights, Social Justice, and Globalization in East Asia / Yash Ghai
    • Economic Development, Legal Reform, and Rights in Singapore and Taiwan / Kevin Y. L. Tan
    • Human Rights Issues in China's Internal Migration: Insights from Comparisons with Germany and Japan / Dorothy J. Solinger
    • The Anti-Nuclear Power Movement in Taiwan: Claiming the Right to a Clean Environment / Mab Huang
    • The Applicability of the International Legal Concept of "Indigenous Peoples" in Asia / Benedict Kingsbury

Human Rights and Asian Values: Contesting National Identities and Cultural Representations in Asia, ed. Michael Jacobsen and Ole Bruun (Curzon, 2000)
  • Introduction (Ole Bruun and Michael Jacobsen)
  • Since There Is No East and There Is No West, How Could Either Be the Best? (Edward Friedman)
  • Universal Rights and Particular Cultures (Michael Freeman)
  • Thick and Thin Accounts of Human Rights (Joseph Chan)
  • Once Again, The Asian Values Debate (Maria Serena I. Diokno)
  • Human Rights and Asian Values in Vietnam (Vo Van Ai)
  • Particularism, Identities and a Clash of Universalisms (Jon O. Halldorsson)
  • Modernization without Westernization (Hugo Stokke)
  • Human Rights in Vietnam (Tine Gammeltoft and Rolf Hernø)
  • Freedom as an Asian Value (David Kelly)
  • The Chinese Debate on Asian Values and Human Rights (Marina Svensson)
  • Universal Human Rights and Chinese Liberalism (Mab Huang)
  • Practice to Theory (Colm Campbell and Avril McDonald
  • Human Rights Education in Asia (Richard Pierre Claude)
  • The Rights of Foreign Migrant Workers in Asia (Deborah J. Milly)

Dealing with Human Rights: Asian and Western Views on the Value of Human Rights, ed. Martha Meijer (Bloomfield: Kumarian Press, 2001)

  • Introduction / Martha Meijer
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Daan Bronkhorst
  • 'Asian Values' and the Universality of Human Rights / Xiaorong Li
  • Beyond Eurocentrism: The Need for a Multicultural Understanding of Human Rights / Farish A. Noor
  • Culture is Destiny: Fareed Zakaria in Conversation with Lee Kuan Yew / Lee Kuan Yew
  • Is Culture Destiny? The Myth of Asia's Anti-Democratic Values: A Response to Lee Kuan Yew / Kim Dae Jung
  • Human Rights are not for Sale: On Universality and Conditionality / Willem van Genugten
  • The Price of Just Trade Measures: The Sanctions Against Iraq / Hadewych Hazelzet
  • The Human Dimension: Human Rights Impact Assessment as an Instrument / Martha Meijer
  • Appendix: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Information on the Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights/Humanistisch Overleg Mensenrechten (HOM)

Human Rights and Chinese Thought: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry, by Stephen Angle (Cambridge University Press, 2002)

1. Introduction
2. Languages, concepts, and pluralism
3. The consequences of pluralism
4. The shift toward legitimate desires in neo-Confucianism
5. Nineteenth century origins
6. Dynamism in the early twentieth century
7. Change, continuity, and convergence prior to 1949
8. Engagement despite distinctiveness
9. Conclusions

Confucian Ethics: A Comparative Study of Self, Autonomy, and Community, ed. Kwong-loi Shun and David B. Wong (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

    • Are individual rights necessary? A Confucian Perspective / Craig K. Ihara
    • Rights and community in Confucianism / David B. Wong
    • Whose democracy? Which rights? A Confucian critique of modern Western liberalism / Henry Rosemont, Jr.
    • The normative impact of comparative ethics: human rights / Chad Hansen
    • Tradition and community in the formation of character and self / Joel J. Kupperman
    • A theory of Confucian selfhood : self-cultivation and free will in Confucian philosophy / Chung-ying Cheng
    • The virtue of righteousness in Mencius / Bryan W. Van Norden
    • Concept of the person in early Confucian thought / Kwong-loi Shun
    • Questions for Confucians : reflections on the essays in comparative study of self, autonomy, and community / Alasdair MacIntyre