Confucian Temple
Tainan, Taiwan

Table of Contents

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  1. Gate to main courtyard
  2. Main courtyard, with Ta-ch’eng tien (Hall of Great Completion)
  3. Ta-ch’eng tien
  4. Inside Ta-ch’eng tien
  5. Confucius’ memorial tablet
  6. Memorial tablets of Mencius and Hui Tzu
  7. Memorial tablets of Chu Hsi and Sun Tzu
  8. Memorial tablets of Yen Tzu and Tzu-ssu
  9. “Making a triad with Heaven and Earth”
  10. View from inside Ta-ch’eng tien
  11. Memorial tablets of Chou Tun-i, Ch’eng Hao, and Shao Yung
  12. Gate leading to Hall of Clarifying Relationships
  13. Text of “Great Learning” in Hall of Clarifying Relationships
  14. Schoolgirls reading “Great Learning”
  15. View from inside Hall of Clarifying Relationships
  16. Image of Confucius (”Head teacher of all Taiwan”)
  17. Old trees in central courtyard
  18. Temple office-worker unpacking computer printer under portrait of Confucius

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