Family Album


1947: Grandparents (center and right), Aaron Jacob (Jake) Adler and Anna Amster Adler.


1947: Parents, Leo Adler and Dorothy Weiss Adler.


1951: Aunt Helen and Mom (with me on the right, figuring out what to do next).
Atlantic City


1954: Atlantic City -- brother Steve 2 years old.

1955: Grandmother Bertha Weiss, Steve (with a cold), Mom, and me.

4 Kids

1955: Steve, me, and cousins Judy and Mark Wasserman, at their house in Minneapolis. I'm wearing a Davy Crockett t-shirt.
8th birthday

1956: 8th birthday party. At table, clockwise from lower left: Jeff Ely, Florence Adler (no relation), Dicky Krohn, Karen Glinsky, Mom, me, Steve, Kathy Bradley (where are you?), Anita Schneiderman, Ronny Ackerman, Richie Fried, and Laura-Jo Veith.


1960? In our front yard.

1965: Mom's Mahjong group. Left to right at table: Sonny Haber, Wini Fatell, Ethel Ross, and Belle Klepper.

Mom and Dad: The Leather Years (Suffern backyard, 1970s)

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