Kenyon College
Religious Studies Department Faculty Chronology
(not including sabbatical replacements)

1956 Denis Baly hired, ½ Religion, ½ Poli Sci
1960 Richard Hettlinger hired, ½ Religion, ½ Chaplain

Donald Rogan hired, ½ Religion, ½ Chaplain (Hettlinger to full-time teaching);
Religion major begins

Gershon Greenberg hired in Jewish Studies;
First religion majors graduate

Eugen Kullmann replaces Greenberg;
Bexley Hall leaves
1969 Theodore Primack hired in South and East Asian religions

Badie Nijim hired in Islam (replacing Primack);
Rogan to full-time teaching (resigns as Chaplain)
1972 Chitta Goswami hired for South Asian Religions (6 member dept.)
1975 Hettlinger to IPHS, replaced by Clark Gilpin
1976 Gilpin replaced by Anthony Lo Bello (Mathematics Dept., part-time in Religion)
1977 Lo Bello leaves.
1978 Nijim leaves (down to 4 members)

Goswami leaves;
Royal Rhodes hired
1980 Diane Obenchain hired for East Asian Religions (back to 5 members)
1983 Baly retires (down to 4)

Kullman retires;
Miriam Dean-Otting hired

Obenchain on sabbatical + leave;
Joseph Adler hired
1988 Vernon Schubel hired (back to 5)
1990 Obenchain resigns

Rogan retires;
Judith Fagan hired
2000 Nurten Kilic-Schubel hired in visiting part-time position
2003 Mary Suydam (frequent sabbatical replacement since 1991) becomes permanent part-time
2003 Ennis Edmonds replaces Fagan