In accordance with College regulations governing class attendance as published in the current Course of Study, we permit one absence per weekly class meeting per semester. This means that in a course which meets five times a week five absences per semester are allowed, in a course which meets four times a week four absences per semester are allowed, etc. This departmental policy is not meant to be substituted for the attendance rules established by the Faculty specifically for freshmen and students on probation (cf. the Course of Study, “Class Attendance” in the “Conduct of Courses” section).

We urge you not to absent yourself unnecessarily from your language or literature classes. If you cut more than the allowable maximum, you will receive an attendance warning in writing with copies being sent to the Dean of Students and the Academic Dean. Continued cutting may result in a lowered grade or, in excessive cases, in your dismissal from the course. Incidentally, if you miss class, it is your duty to find out from your classmates what specific materials were covered in that particular class period and what assignments, if any, were given, because you are responsible for both.

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