Carol S. Schumacher
Professor of Mathematics
Kenyon College

zero coverCarol Schumacher is the author of Chapter Zero:Fundamental Notions of Abstract Mathematics, 2e. (Addison-Wesley, 2001).

Chapter Zero is a textbook whose goal is to introduce mathematics majors to mathematical language, logic, and proof.  It is used as a textbook in the course Foundations (Math 222) that is required for all math majors at Kenyon College.  Foundations is aimed at students who have completed three semesters of college level calculus (though this is a mathematical maturity pre-requisite;  the course does not assume any knowledge of calculus.)

Professor Schumacher maintains detailed webpages that show the pace of and assignments in the course she teaches out of this book. If you are interested, click on the link to get back to her homepage. Then navigate through current or past courses to find the webpages for "Foundations."

Click here for the most up to date set of known errors in the book Chapter Zero.

Prof. Schumacher has also authored a companion Instructor's Resource Guide. In addition to nuts and bolts information about the book, the guide describes the pedagogical philosophy and procedures that she uses when she teaches Foundations.  This portion of the book may be of interest to those seeking information about "Inquiry-based Learning." Inquiry-based learning is sometimes associated with Modified Moore Methods based on the teaching techniques pioneered by Robert Lee Moore.

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