Problem Session (Including Section 1.1 Exercises 6, 12, 27, and Section 1.2 Exercise 1)

Number of solutions of a linear system

A system of equations is said to be consistent if there is at least one solution; it is inconsistent if there are no solutions.

A linear system is inconsistent if and only if the reduced row-echelon form of its augmented matrix contains the row [ 0 0 ... 0 | 1], representing the equation 0 = 1.

If a linear system is consistent, then it has either

Rank of a matrix

The rank of a matrix A is the number of leading 1s in rref(A).

Systems with fewer equations than variables

A linear system with fewer equations than unknowns has either no solutions or infinitely many solutions.

Systems of n equations in n variables

A linear system of n equations in n variables has a unique solution if and only if the rank of its coefficient matrix A is n.

Matrix Algebra

The product Ax

Linear combinations

Matrix form of a linear system

In class exercises

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