Glossary L: from lac to lyþre

lac, n. f. gift: dp. lacum 47.3 (or from lacu, f. stream, pool?). See haemed–lac.

lacan, v.7. –1. move, jump, fly: pret. 3s. leolc 54.8. –2. play (an instrument): inf. 29.19. –3. sport, contend, fight: 1s. lace 28a.1, 28b.1. See belacan.

læcecynn, n. leechkin, race of physicians: s. 3.10.

lædan, v.I. lead, bring, carry: inf. 27.2; pp. laded 26.6.

ge-lædan, v.I. lead, conduct: inf. 13.20.

laeran, v.l. teach, instruct: pret. 3s. larde 38.34.

læs, adv. (comp. of lyt) and substantive noun, n. less: as. 7.11 (þy~ the less).

1æsse, see lytel.

laetan, v.7. let, allow, let go: 1s. laete 1.68; 3s. late 1.86, 18.13, 32.7, 48.10; 3p. latað 1.76; pret.. 3p. leton 11.10; subj. pres. 3s. laete 1.26. See forlaetan, anforlaetan.

laf, f. what is left, remnant, legacy: ns. 69.3; as. lafe 87.10; np. lafe 3.7; ap. lafe 54.10.

lagoflod, m. water: as. 56.12.

lagu, m. sea, water: ns. 1.41; as. 20.16.

lagufaeðm, m. watery embrace: is. lagufæðme 58.7.

lagustream, m. sea, stream, water: gp. lagustreama 1.68.

land, see lond.

lang, see long.

lar, f. teaching, doctrine: ip. larum 37.22.

lareow, m. teacher: ns. 65.10.

last, m. track, step: as. 1.51 (on~, behind); ds. laste 11.11 (on~, behind), 37.8, 70.14 (on~, behind); np. lastas 49.2; ap. lastas 91.11. See sweart~, wid–last.

latteow, m. leader: ns. 1.26.

laþ, adj. grievous, hateful: comp. gsn. laþran 3.10.

laðgewinna, m. hated enemy: ds. 155gewinnan 13.29 [MS. laðgewinnum].

laðian, v.11. invite, summon: 1s. laðige 12.16.

lead, n. lead: gs. leades 38.75.

leaf, f. leaf: ip. leafum 54.10.

leanian, v.II. reward, repay (w.dat.):3s. leanað 48.9.

leas, see ban~ , broþor~, feþe~, heafod~, hlaford~, muð–leas.

lecgan, v.I. lay, place: 3s. legeð 76.5; pret.. 3s. legde 1.44, 18.30. See bilecgan.

leg, see lig.

legbysig, see ligbysig.

lengan, v.l. lengthen, delay, linger: 3s. lengeð 26.8.

leod, f. folk, people: gp. leoda 65.10. leodan, see a~, up-leodan.

leof, adj. dear, beloved: nsm. 38.34,76.3; nsf. 18.2, 38.27, 80.28; comp. nsf. leofre 90.6.

leofaþ, see libban/lifgan.

leoht, adj. light (in weight): comp. nsf. leohtre 38.76, 90.6 (or = brighter?).

leoht, adj. bright, shining: dsm.wk. leohtan 38.57; comp. nsf. leohtre 64.2.


leolc, see lacan.

leoma, m. light, glare: ds. leoman 38.57.

leoþo, see liþ.

leþer, n. leather: is? leþre 85.4 (or from lyþre?).

libban/lifgan, v. III. live: inf. lifgan 37.22, 38.64, 39.6, 65.11; 1s. lifge 81.6; 3s. leofaþ 37.27; pret.. 3s. lifde 38.107; prp. lifgende nsm. 10.14, nsf. 26.9, asm. 8.9.

lic, n. body: as. 63.4; is. lice 8.5.

ge-lic, adj. like (w. dat.): np. gelice. See ungelic.

licgan, v.5. lie (down), remain: inf. 11.11, 12.10; 3s. ligeð 38.49.

ge-licnes, f. likeness, image: ns. 34.10. See onlicnes.

lif, n: life: ds. life 48.9, 56.12, 87.10. Se

29.7. e worldlif.

lifgan, see libban/lifgan.

lift, see lyft.

lig, m. fire, flame: ds. lige 1.74, lege -38.57; is. lige 79.3 [MS. life].

ligbysig, adj. busy with fire, troubled y fire: nsm. 28b.1, legbysig 28a.1.

lilie, f. lily: ns. 38.27.

lim, n. limb (either branch or humanlimb): ns. 2.7; as. 7.27.

line, f. line, row: . linan 40.10.

liss, f. kindness, grace, joy: dp. lissum 48.9; ip. lissum 24.25, 31.13 (adv?). list, art, skill: s. liste 25.4; ip. adv. listum 27.3, 85.7.

liþ, n. limb: ap. leoþo 21.7.

liþan, v.1. go, move, sail: inf. 31.1; prp. dsm. liþendum 8.5.

locc, m. hair, lock: np. loccas 38.104; ap. loccas 38.98. See hwitloc, wundenlocc.

ge-lome, adv. frequently, constantly: 9.11.

lond, n. land, ground, province: as. 10.14, 11.11; ds. londe 1.41,94, 31.2, 54.8, lande 20.12; gp. londa 31.13. See mearclond.

londbuend, m. land-dweller, inhabitant: gp. londbuendra 91.11.

long, adj. –1. long (space): asf. lange 56.8; comp. nsf. lengre 21.7. –2. long (time): nsn. 37.22; asf. longe 26.9. See uplong, efenlang.

longe, adv. long, a long time: 13.29, 38.8, 65.10.

losian, v.11. escape, depart (w. dat.): inf. 1.26; 3s. losað 10.3.

lucan, see bi~, on-lucan.

lufe, f. love: gs. lufan 24.25.

lufian, v.11. love: 3p. lufiap 91.7.

lust, m. pleasure: as. 70.9.

lyft, air, sky: ns. 1.41, 5.4, 8.9, 55.1; as. lyfte 54.8, 56.12; ds. lyfte 20.16, 38.81, 49.4, 80.31, lifte 25.4; gs. lyfte 1.94.

lyftfæt, n. air-vessel: as. 27.3.

lyt, adv. little: 58.7.

lytel, adj. little, small: nsm. 70.1; nsm.wk. lytla 38.76; asn. lyte156.7; apf. lytle 55.1; comp. nsf. laesse 38.95, 64.2. See unlytel.

lyþre, adj. evil, wicked: nsm? leþre 85.4 (or from leþer?).