ALSO Activity at Kenyon

** Note: We are still working on this whole webpage stuff (dare we say, under construction). Please be patient with our occasionally archaic appearance. **

Fall 2001 semester:

Fall Conference! We finally had our long awaited conference. While the crowd was small, it was just big enough to make for a really good time. Let's see. We had OWU, Ohio University, and Otterbein. Plus, a bunch of Kenyon students made various appearances. We had the day set up into four workshops: one introduction workshop, one on campus activism, one hosted by Kenyon faculty, and one hosted by Kenyon administration and staff. A good time was had by all. Keep an eye our for Ohio LGBT networking happening this year.

Inga Muscio: Inga was thrilling to have around. She is the author of the 1999 book, CUNT (go here for a kind of old, but fun Inga web page). We had a filled auditorium and she was a hit!

October is. . . We all know this one. . . Gay History Month. Here at Kenyon, we have hung the rainbow flag on the balcony of our main dining hall for the whole month. On the 22nd, James Dale will be speaking on campus about those crazy Boy Scouts and some time that week, there will be an all-campus discussion about the Boy Scouts vs. the Girl Scouts. Who would win in a wrestling match?

ALSO Coffee House: We will be having yet another ALSO coffeehouse because last year's went over quite nicely. Campus musicians and artists will perform and there will be a silent auction as a fundraiser.

Spring '01 semester:

Heterosexism Campaign: For a four week period, ALSO papered campus each week with a new poster educating the Kenyon Community about Heterosexism. For more on heterosexism, check out . . .

Christian de la Huerta: On April 9th, ALSO brough Christian de la Huerta to Storer Recital Hall to give a talk on "Coming Out Spiritually." Mr. de la Huerta gave an energetic talk on his own spiritual journey as a gay, Cuban-american. He also read a bit from his book, "Coming Out Spiritually."

OutFest 2001: OutFest 2001 was held in conjunction with MCC's (Multicultural Council) Multicultural Fair. There was a main stage and ALSO was in charge of booking Kenyon bands. In between sets, ALSO members read coming-out stories, gay fun facts, and . . . Lesbian MadLibs!!

Past ALSO Activities:

Homosexual Acts on Middle Path-just see the photo gallery.

Speakers we have sponsored:

Candace Gingrich-click here for an article about Señora Gingrich in the Advocate. Newt's sister!

Robyn Ochs-click in this neck of the woods for info on this bisexual speaker, workshop leader, teacher, writer, and activist.

Kate Bornstein-find out more about this transgendered author and performance artist! She is amazing!

BILEGA- a role-playing activity that mostly focuses on coming-out issues.

Anti-VD Dance-Valentine's Day. . . Venereal Disease. . . yeah.

Kenyon Drag Ball-Yup, we've got drag.