English Films in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department

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Title Date Running Time Director/Producer Color or BW Other Notes
All Quiet On the Western Front 1930 112 min. Louis Milestone  BW
Angel Heart 1987 112 min Alan Parker color
Bagdad Cafe (Out of Rosenheim) 1987 91 min. Percy Adlon color
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez 1983 105 min. Robert M. Young Color
Bedazzled 1967 105 min Stanley Donen Color
Behind the Kremlin's Wall (ABC) 1990 57 min. Roger Goodman Color
Birth of a Nation 1915 158 min. D.W. Griffith BW silent
The Blue Angel 1930 89 min. Josef von Sternberg BW
Cabaret 1972 119 min. Bob Fosse Color
Citizen Kane 1941 119 min. Orson Welles BW
City Girl 1930 90 min F.W. Murnau  
D. W. Griffin-An American Genius 1975 56 min. Walt Lowe BW/Color
Damned, The   157 min Luchino Visconti


Danton 1983 136 min Andrzej Wajda Color
Death Watch 1982 117 min. Bertrand Tavernier Color
Diary of a Lost Girl 1929 100 min G.W. Pabst BW
Doctor Faustus 1967 92 min. R. Burton & N. Coghill color
Doll's House 1973 109 min. Joseph Losey Color
Dooned City Berlin (Cities at War) 1985 59 min Michael Darlow BW
Dr. Strangelove 1964 94 min. Stanley Kubrick BW
El Norte 1984 140 min. Gregory Nava Color English, Spanish, subtitles
Faust 1994 97 min Jan Svankmajer Color
Fistful of Dollars 1964 100 min Sergio Leone Color
Good The Bad and the Ugly     Sergio Leone Color
Herdsman of the Sun 1988 54 min. Werner Herzog Color
Intolerance 1916 138 min. D.W. Griffith BW silent
IRMA VEP 1996 96 min Olivier Assayas Color

English/French, subtitles

Last Exit to Brooklyn 1989 103 min. Uli Edel color
Last Tango in Paris 1973 128 min. Bernardo Bertolucci Color
Legend of 1900   125 min Giuseppe Tornatore Color
Lover, The 1992 115 min. Jean-Jacques Annaud color
Marat/Sade 1967 114 min. Peter Brock Color
Masters of Russian Animation 1997 125 min Jove & Yelena Shevchenko color
Men 1986 98 min. Doris Dörrie Color
Modern Times 1936 87 min. Charles Chaplin BW
My Voyage to Italy   246 min Martin Scorsese Color/BW 2 disc set
Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Part I: 121 min.

Part II: 104 min.

Sergio Leone color
Once Upon a Time in the West 1969 165 min Sergio Leone Color  
Notes From Underground 1995 88min Gary Walkow color  
Rassias Workshop 1980 117 min. Color Part I - 117 min., Part II - 123 min.
Sophia Loren     Pietro Francisci Color Italian/French/English
Song of Freedom 1936 66 min. J. Elder Wills BW
State of Things 1982 121 min. Wim Wenders BW
The Parent Trap 1961 129 min. David Swift Color
Woman in Flames 1983 104 min. Robert van Ackeren Color