Mid-term Review

I. Mid-term Speaking Test Description

At a college function, the American meets a person who looks as if he might be Chinese. The conversation will include the following:

1.      Greeting and introducing each other.

2.      Asking about each other’s nationality.

3.      A small talk (family, what they do and what their hobbies are)

4.     Asking each other what he/she did the previous weekend. The response should be a 3-sentence "narration".

5.      2 other exchanges such as talking about weekend plans, inviting the other person to a movie, or asking the other person for a favor etc. Any of the topics from the first 6 lessons will be fine.

  1. Natural disengagement (such as xiànzài jǐdiǎn le? Wǒ yǒu shì, or wǒ yào qù túshūguǎn, zàijiàn.)