Office hours for Fall, 2014

(Effective Friday, August 28 through Friday, December 12, 2014)

8:10-9 a.m. MF
7-9 p.m. T
a.m.-12 noon W

9:00 -10 a.m. R
Other times by appointment

Please don't consider office hours to be a resource of last resort. They are a part of the course like any other, and many of my very best students have been 'regulars' in office hours. There is much that can be done for you in a one-to-one situation that is simply not possible in a group setting. You should take advantage of the fact that we are easily available to help you outside of class.

Office hours are the times when I am available in my office for anything that my students might need. You can come ask questions, work with other students (easy access to me if a question comes up!), get a form signed, tell me about your newest pet, whatever. If you need to see me at another time, please make an appointment prior to the visit.

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