Spring 2015

From 3-4 pm every Monday (unless otherwise noted!) join the math and statistics department for fun activities, math talks and socializing!

Date Activity Speaker Location
Jan 12 No meeting this week N/A N/A
Jan 19 No Meeting: Martin Luther King Day of Dialogue N/A N/A
Jan 26 Math Movie Film Festival! Prof. Judy Holdener RBH 311
Feb 4
REU student presentations John Murphree and Emily Smith RBH 109
Feb 9 Juggling! Prof. Brian Jones RBH 303
Feb 16 The Kakeya Needle Problem Prof. Marie Snipes RBH 311
Feb 23 Study Abroad student presentations Abby Sagher and Emily Smith RBH 109
Mar 2 Spring Break!! N/A  
Mar 9 Spring Break!! N/A  
Mar 16 MCM 2015 Derek Hoare RBH 109
Mar 23 Random Walks and the Quest to Return Home Prof. Aaron Montgomery
(Balwin Wallace Univ.)
RBH 109
Mar 30 Powers of Magic Matrices Prof. Jim Hartman
(The College of Wooster)
RBH 109
Apr 6 Not Just a Math Teacher: My Path from Hayes 311 to a Classroom of My Own Sarah Prendergast RBH 109
Apr 13 Mathematical Models of Climate/Glacier Interaction Prof. Craig Jackson
(Ohio Wesleyan University)
RBH 109

Apr 21 4:10-5:30

Geometric Flows: What Are They and Why Do We Care? Prof. Christine Breiner
(Fordham University)
RBH 109
Apr 27 Math Concert   TBA

Other activities and events of interest:

TBA: 4 Colleges Math Contest

Feb 5 - Feb 9: Math Modeling Contest

Feb 9 - Feb 13: Geek Week!!!

Feb 13: Declare your love for Math Day! (This culmination of Geek Week will be held at 3:14pm in Hayes 307)


Last semester's Math Monday schedule can be found here.


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