Welcome to the Math 231 (Problem Solving) course website! Math 231 is a seminar course in mathematical problem solving.

The best way to learn problem-solving skills is through practice, so each week students will work on a new set of challenging and fun mathematical problems, often centered around a specific theme or technique. Please see the course syllabus for basic course information including grading policies, exam dates, and expectations.

In Math 231, students will:

  • Learn and practice a variety of mathematical problem solving techniques
  • Develop the ability to communicate solutions through written and oral presentations
  • Have fun

In order to enroll in Math 231, students must have passed Math 112 (Calculus II). Students are expected to take the Putnam exam on Saturday, December 6. Interested students who have a conflict with that date should contact the instructor.

Students earn .25 credits for successful completion of the course. It can be taken multiple times for credit (the problems will change each year!).