Welcome to the Linear Algebra I course website!

This course provides an introduction to linear algebra. Please see the course syllabus for basic course information including grading policies, exam dates, and expectations.

In Math 224, students will:

  • Use matrices to solve systems of linear equations
  • Develop a geometric understanding of vector spaces subspaces
  • Gain a proficiency with vector and matrix algebra
  • Understand the geometric interpretations of matrices, eigenvectors and eigenvalues, and orthogonal matrices
  • Know how to perform relevant computations with the objects above
  • Gain exposure to a wide range of linear algebra applications
  • Refine skills in logical thinking and demonstrating mathematical statements
  • Use technology (specifically, software packages Maple and Matlab/Octave) to solve problems and investigate geometric phenomena
  • Develop the ability to communicate mathematics through writing
  • Develop teamwork skills

In order to enroll in Math 224, students must have passed Math 213 (Calculus 3) or the equivalent.