Jan. 15 Two articles related to the philosophy of this course, by math education expert Jo Boaler (Stanford University), on the role of struggle in learning, and brain plasticity.
Jan. 12 The first day of classes, January 15, is also the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Dialogue. The adjusted class schedule for that day can be found here. More information on the special programming for the day can be found here.
Jan. 10 Welcome to the course!

We will use the Maple 17 computer algebra system throughout this course for graphing and calculations. Maple is installed in the computer labs in PRC 01, RBH 203, and RBH 311. Kenyon's licensing also allows you to install a copy of Maple on your computer for free! Instructions can be found in our class folder on the P: drive: P:\Data\MATH\Snipes\Calculus2_S18.

We will not use the online homework system associated with the text this semseter, so you can purchase a used book without the access code if you prefer.