Professor Elly Farnell

Kenyon College

Hayes Hall 309-A



Current Courses

Calculus II and Math in Industry:



Previous Courses

Kenyon College:

Mathematical Problem Solving                       Pedagogical Publications

Calculus I-III                                                           

Linear Algebra I-II                                                 How the Pottery Wheel

Differential Equations                                         Can Shape the Calculus Classroom

Mathematical Models                                       

Abstract Algebra                                                   Linear Algebra and Tic-tac-toe

Independent Study in Medical Imaging       

Machine Learning                                                 Puzzle Pedagogy

Math in Industry Experience                           

PIC Math                                                                  Advised Student Papers


University of Nebraska-Lincoln:                      Optimal Call Center Staffing

IMMERSE Intensive Mathematics:                

A Mentoring, Research, and Education        Modeling Product Shelf Life

Summer Experience


University of Costa Rica:

Mini-course in Algebraic Geometry


Colorado State University:

Calculus for Physical Scientists I-II

Business Calculus

Math in the Social Sciences

Matrices and Linear Equations

Mathematical Algorithms in Matlab I

Abstract Algebra



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