Professor Elly Farnell

Kenyon College

Hayes Hall 309-A



Current Courses

Calculus II

Differential Equations

Previous Courses

Calculus III (Fall 2013)

Abstract Algebra (Fall 2013)

Calculus II (Spring 2013)

Calculus III (Spring 2013)

Linear Algebra II (Spring 2013)

Linear Algebra I (Fall 2012)

Mathematical Models (Fall 2012)

Calculus II (Spring 2012)

Differential Equations (Spring 2012)

Calculus III (Fall 2011)

Linear Algebra I (Fall 2011)

Mathematical Models (Fall 2010)

Linear Algebra II (Spring 2011)

Calculus II (Fall 2010)

Calculus II (Spring 2011)

Calculus I (Spring 2011)



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