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Scott Carney '00 in India

Off-campus study in Asia is not required, but highly recommended. Students should consult Asian studies faculty members and the Office of International Education (OIE) for the numerous opportunities now available to Kenyon students to study in Asia for one semester or a year. Summer language-study programs are also available for students who need to prepare for off-campus study or desire to learn an Asian language not offered at Kenyon (such as Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.).

The Study Abroad Asia WWW Virtual Library is an excellent website with listings of and links to academic programs categorized by country, as well as links to programs where summer language training is available. Please note that if you pick a study abroad program that is NOT approved by Kenyon's Office of International Education, however, you risk problems in getting full credit for the work you do in that program.

OIE Approved Programs

The best off-campus experiences are those that complement what happens here at Kenyon. Careful preparation before you go abroad, and thoughtful selection of courses when you return, can help you get the most from your semester or year in Asia. In general, the more you prepare yourself with language study and with courses at Kenyon that introduce you to the history, religion, and cultures of your destination, the more you will benefit from your time in Asia. See your academic advisor, or any of the Asian Studies faculty, to get advice tailored to your curricular goals.

Visit the Office of International Education to get complete information on the programs listed below. Some are semester programs; some last the entire year. Application deadlines also vary among these programs. One of the best strategies for picking a program abroad is to talk with Kenyon students who have participated in that program.

The following programs in Asia have been approved by the Office of International Education:

China India Nepal Indonesia
Japan Korea Thailand Vietnam Philippines


J. Dillingham '01, Chellis Ying '01, and Ian Gordon '01 in Nanjing


Associated Colleges in China (ACC): Language, Culture and Society
Summer, fall, or summer and fall; 1 year of language required

Beijing Foreign Studies University
Fall, spring, or year; 1 year of language required

CET Chinese Language Programs, Beijing and Harbin

In Beijing live with Chinese roommate; Harbin has homestay

Chinese Studies Program in Beijing (CIEE)
Fall or spring; 2.75 GPA; 2 years of language required

Lauren Prince '00 (right) at the Dali Tie Dye Factory, Yunnan

Chinese Studies Program in Hong Kong
Year preferred, semester possible; 3.0 GPA, no language requirement

Chinese Studies in Program in Nanjing
Fall, spring or year; 1 year of language and one semester Chinese studies course

School for International Training
Fall or spring; in Yunnan Province

Taipei, Taiwan Council Study Center at National Chengchi University
Fall, spring, year; 1 year of language required

Taipei, Taiwan Inter-Univeristy Program of Chinese Language Study
Year; 2 years of language required


Holly Donahue '00 in India

Buddhist Studies at Bodh Gaya

India Studies Program
Year (Mar.- Dec.); 3 month orientation at ACM college required

School for International Training
Fall or spring

College Year in India/Nepal
Year; 10 week summer session required preparation

Learning Through Service Program
Fall, spring, year


College Year in India/Nepal

School for International Training

Fall or spring

Siiri Morley '00 and Amanda Loy '00 get a henna job Heather Green, '99 (right) in Nepal


School for International Training Bali
Fall or spring

Council Study Center at IKIP Malang, Java
Fall or spring; 2.75 GPA; one Asian Studies course

Jamie Gesler '06 (center) in Kamakura, Japan


Tokyo, Japan Study Program
Year or semester; 3.0 GPA

Nagoya, Japanese Study at Nanzan University
Fall, spring or year; 3.0 GPA; 1 year of Japanese if there for only a semester

Tokyo, Council Studies Center: Tokyo Japanese Studies Program
Fall or spring; 2.75 GPA


Seoul, Council Study Center at Sogang University
Fall or spring; 2.75 GPA


Cooperative Southeast Asian Studies Program, Khon Kaen
Fall; 2.75 GPA; one Asian Studies Course


Cooperative Southeast Asian Studies Program, Hanoi University
Fall, spring, or year; one Asian Studies course

School for International Training
Fall or spring


Learning Through Service Program
Fall, spring, or year

Personal stories

The 'Personal stories' section is comprised entirely by stories and pictures generated from Kenyon students returning from study abroad in Asia. The section is intended to give Kenyon students considering study abroad in Asia a feel for these returning students' experiences. If you are a Kenyon student returning from a year or semester studying abroad in an Asian nation, please contact Professor Rita Kipp to include a story of your experiences in this section.

Lexie Wallace '06, SIT Mongolia, Spring 2005

Chellis Ying, '01, CET in Harbin, Fall 2000

Erin Saunders, '02, Service Learning, Calcutta, Spring 2001

Sarah Handyside, '02, SIT Mongolia, Fall 2000 

Kate Druschel, '99; IES Beijing 1997-98

Freya Englander, '99; Kansai Gaidai Osaka, Spring 98 ("Kenyon Reunion in Japan")

Heather Green, '99; SIT Nepal, Spring 1998

Gabe Heck, '99; U. Wisconsin Nepal, 1997-98 ("First Impressions")

Irene Li, '99; Kansai Gaidai Osaka, Spring 98 ("On the Keihan Line")

Fellowships available

Freeman Foundation

Awards for study in Asia are available to undergraduates for the next three years, starting in the summer of 2001. Awards will range from $3000 - $7000 and are based partly on demonstrated need as well as the length of intended stay. Brochures available from Joseph Adler. Send e-mail to, or call the Freeman-ASIA office at (212) 984-5542. Full details are also available at the Freeman Website.

School for International Traning

SIT awards merit scholarships for their programs in China (Yunnan), Vietnam, and Mongolia. Deadlines are August 15 for Spring semester and April 15 for fall semester. See the SIT website for details, or call 888-272-7881.

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