Chellis Ying '02 with her roommate, Wang Lei, eating caramelized plums.

"I went to Wang Lei's house. It was in this (supposedly) tiny little village four hours north of Harbin called Nancha. It is not even on all the maps. The ironic part is that Nancha has 100,000 people, not really a small village by American standards. I think this was one of the few cities that I went to that has had no westernization. The farther north you get, the less of the West you see. She showed me around to her school, and we met her parents. It was pretty low key, but really interesting as well."

Chellis at Lisa's Place, a backpacker's stop near Guilin in Yangshao

"..she makes a lot of money off of all the travelers, and the picture of Mao is just a tourist gimmick."